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We are the Largest Platform for Work & Productivity tools in Asia, with extendable apps and seamlessly integrated products.

We have presence in multiple countries in South East Asia, Middle East, ANZ and a clear leader in India; supporting millions of users/employees to do there jobs well everyday. Our roadmap reflects our aspirations of being a dominant global HR Tech SAAS company out of India. International expansion, satisfying ask of millennials and zoomers, providing a slick and integrated experience to our end users are our core themes.

Our Product Suite supports following :

Author: Aakash Roy

“Ter-Tech’s New Drifting Car — BMW M3 E36 with Corvette Engine & Wide Body” by Captain Kimo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Business requires a new product to go to market. Some developers have just completed a couple of proof of concept (POC) or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). There is a nervous meeting room discussion on “vendor-wars” — how do we win this business from the client? Suddenly, one of the developers finds himself with a tight deadline to deliver the POC / MVP with some added features. He recalls the disclaimer which he had earlier mentioned to the product manager — “This is just a POC”!

After some black coffee, pull request reviews and QA testing episodes…

Author: Aakash Roy

“Cozy Debugging” by norsez is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Debugging in computer programming is defined as a process that involves a step-by-step approach to isolate problem area(s) and then determine a way to either fix them or come up with a workaround. A very common approach that is adopted by developers when debugging is print statements. Lesser-known as the “poor man’s debugging technique”, this is quite useful since you can print everything under the hood to get a deeper dive on the variables while you try and isolate the problematic line or a section of code. This also works across all programming languages and does not…

PeopleStrong Technology

Largest Platform for Work & Productivity tools. We operate as an enterprise B2B SaaS company. Our mission is to bring joy, energy and meaning to work.

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